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October 06, 2006

Motley Crue - The Dirt

by Neil Strauss

Like all books about rock stars, once you know the truth, the illusions are shattered.

Herion addiction, alcohol & drug abuse, jail time, it's all here. A group of fragile personalities collide together in a quest to be accepted and liked. Through forming a rock band they achieve this acceptance and along with the fame, a bucket load of money.

With little emotional maturity and development, they waste the money, abuse their bodies and spiral down a decadent descent into self destruction.

The most interesting story in this book is the guitarist Mick Mars and his battle with a degenerative bone wasting disease. There is no cure for this disease and he deals with pain on a daily basis. He finds solace in his music and is the most centered person in the group.

The rest of the band are on a continual journey of self discovery after crawling out of the pit of substance abuse.

VIKING - King's Man

by Tim Severin

The 3rd and last installment......

Thorgils is now in Constantinople and a member of the Varangian lifeguard and witnesses the glories of the richest city on earth but also the murderous ways of th imperial family.

Eventually Thorgils returns to Norway after the assassination of the emperor of Constantinople. Here he is by the side of Harald who takes the throne of Norway. As a follower of the Odin and the old ways, can Thorgils convince Harald to ignore the growing religion of the white christ?

This 3rd book is great and climaxes with an epic battle in England between the vikings and the britons. Thorgils finds that he can't stop the onslaught of this new religion, but in his ageing years he continues to spread the teachings of Odin and the old ways until he disappears.

People talk of the old hermit that they no longer see anymore. A teacher of the old ways, very kind and greatly reveared by the villagers...........

August 22, 2005

VIKING - Sworn Brother

by Tim Severin

The 2nd book is out!!!! Thorgils is a young man now and has survived the persecution of the irish monks and is now living in England. He is within the court of the King Knut the Great and is having an affair with the King's wife Aelfgifu. A dangerous way to live no doubt.

I have already started reading and so far Thorgils has learnt to be a falconer for the King but has now travelled to London and is learning from a jeweler/coin maker. This guy makes the royal coins and jewellery for the Queen, Thorgils lover. Thorgils seems to be learning many skills amongst his travels.

I'm looking forward to see how this book shapes out.

July 01, 2005

VIKING - Odinn's Child

by Tim Severin

This book is the first of a planned trilogy following the life of Thorgils Leifsson, son of Leif the Lucky.

I'm enjoying this book so far. It is written in the style of someone writing their memoirs as an old man, looking back over the life, contemplating on what the have done and achieved.

So far it has given a real interesting insight into the life of the pagan Vikings and their way of life. The author has done his research with detailed descriptions of the pagan practices of the times, the Viking culture and law and the way that families and clans interacted with each other.

It's not just abut blood and guts, I think that people that practice modern paganism would enjoy reading some of the chapters relating to the female seidr (psychics).

--- UPDATE ---

I really enjoyed this book. It's part of a trilogy so I'll be looking out for the next two installments, whenever they arrive.

This book covers Thorgils life from birth through to his early twenties. It's an interesting culture that he lives in, not growing up with his parents, but within the viking community. As a young man he ends up in Ireland studying at a christian monestary.

His affair with a local girl soons forces him to leave, chased by the corrupt monks. It's at this point the story ends, with Thorgils being banished to sea as punishment and rescued by a viking ship homeward bound to Iceland.

While on the run from the monks, he teams up with a hermit druid where he learns more of the pagan ways. I wonder what he will become in the next book? His education in the pagan ways increased throughout this book. Learning to read and write in runes, learning about the gods and then learning more about celtic paganism from the druid.

June 04, 2005

The Talisman of Troy

by Valerio Massimo Manfredi

Another historical fiction, which I'm really getting into.
This one is set in ancient greece with the central character of Diomedes waging war on the city of Troy. His quest is for the Talisman of Troy which is said to give invincibility to the nation that posseses it. Of course there is always a price.

While away at war Diomedes and his allies, the neighbouring greek cities, are plotted against by their queens. The consipiracy of the queens. These women were taken by force by their husbands and now see the opportunity to exact their revenge.

I'm about halfway through the book at the moment and, so far, Diomedes has abandoned his homeland and the other kings have been murdered. I'll keep you posted when I finish the book.

--- UPDATE ---

I didn't like this book. I felt that it lumbered on without a clear sense of direction.
We never really discovered exactly what the talisman of troy was, but as it turns out Diomedes never had it anyway. He stole a fake, designed to protect the original.

Then the story turned into the endless quest through a foreign land, looking for a home to settle in, which they never found. I suppose reality could have been like that in those times, people not really knowing where they are going or why they are doing it.

All in all, I found it to be a boring story with lots of complicated Greek words.

I'll still check out some of the other titles by the same author though.

March 25, 2005

The Last Legion

by Valerio Massimo Manfredi

This seems to be a story about 3 Roman legionaries that survive a massive battle where the whole legion is wiped out, bar them. The three are comprised of two Romans and an Ethiopian legionarie.

I've only just started on the first chapter, which starts well with a battle between the Romans and a group of barbarian pagans. Should be a good book, I'm looking forward to getting into it.

I have a feeling this is the book that the movie Gladiator was adapted from. If anyone knows for sure, let me know. I'll update more when I finish the book.

---- UPDATE ----

What a fucking excellent book!!!!

This book is like Gladiator only 10 times better. There were 3 Roman legionaries, a boy emperor, a druid, an Italian she-warrior and many other classic characters.

The adventure spans across Europe from Rome to Britannia. They are trying to protect the life of the boy emperor from the barbarian hordes and they are chased through Germany, Paris & across the channel to Britain.

There's plenty of battles with all the details that you would expect, also the love interests and all the treachery that comes with those times. I can just picture the barbarian Wulfila with the fresh scar across his face from a sword wound, the matted hair and his beard.

You need to read this book. I have found another similar historical story by the same author and I intend to read that one next.

February 11, 2005

The Satanic Bible

by Anton Szandor LaVey

What a read! I haven't finished this yet, but I don't mind some of the ideas I've come across. I think the basic message is do unto others as you expect them to do unto you. But if others disrespect you, unleash your wrath!

I'll update more when I finish.

I've finished the book, interesting. Some of the stuff regarding rituals and magic is a bit out there for my tastes. But some of the ideas at the beginning I can relate to.

I think I'll take what I want from it. Read with an open but critical mind.

January 15, 2005

The Body

by Richard Ben Sapir

A body is found in a tomb in Jerusalem. Iron residue on the ribcage, indentations in the skull. Is this the body of the unrisen Christ?

A Jesuit is sent by Rome to disprove the speculation. While working with the female archeologist who discovered the find, he begins to question his faith and wrestle with the lust he feels for her.

I liked this book, which was written back in the 1980's. Some of the political and science info is a bit dated, but it doesn't spoil the story. A girl from work lent this book to me, she found it in a second-hand bookstore for $1.00. If you can track it down, read it.

I was a little disappointed by the ending, but I was still hooked until the last word.


by Tommy Lee with Anthony Bozza.

Autobiography of Tommy Lee, husband of Pamela Anderson, drummer of rock group Motley Crue.

An insight into what it's like to be plagued by paparazzi and constantly under the spotlight. This books consists of weddings, marriage breakups, parties, more weddings, more marriage breakups.........and more parties.

Oh to live in L.A.